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Pre-launch started

Living on the street is living rough

It’s hard to keep it all together, especially when you’ve come from the heights of brokers and exchanges.

I used to be comfortable with a good portfolio, an active life, and a rewarding job, but now comfort is hard to find and harder to keep. I lost it all, a straight downward spiral of bad calls chasing worse trends.

And it was hard and fast, a shock to the system. One day, you’re rising high, the next you’ve seen your calls and puts ruined. Suddenly, I owe everything and more. 

So, Now i'm here. The streets. No home, no job and no security.

You can’t stay in any place long, you can’t rely on others. There are no guarantees offered to anyone on the streets.

Sickness, physical and mental lurk at the edges. Dangers, real and imagined, haunt me. 

Worse yet, everyone else treats you like the plastic bags you hoard and the cardboard you nest in.


I have to try to keep myself grounded, however I can.

It’s about keeping fit, mentally and physically. Staying sharp, staying keen.

It’s about getting out, rising up, leaving the hobo life behind. It’s about staying human in your own eyes.

And yet, such a journey can feel like scaling a cliff.

But, maybe there’s a way.

Maybe, I don’t need to go it alone.Maybe, the right choice, the right way, helps me up again.

Maybe, I can turn $TRASH into treasure.

Join Dumpster DAO (DDAO):

Unstoppable piece of $TRASH!

A memecoin with real change behind it. Turn $TRASH into treasure by building up coins to change portfolios and lives at the same time. At Hobo Trader, x% of every trade goes into a community fund.

Owners of the token become part of the Dumpster DAO, a community with the rights to cast their votes and decide where the money goes, allowing community support for good causes such as support for the homeless, charity drives, or boosting recycling efforts.

Earn wealth, and make it big for you and the world around you.Whether there’s diamond or dirt in your hands, or whether the moon calls to you from the streets or the comfort of home, make the world better for you and others - One piece of $TRASH at a time.

$TRASH, a treasure for all mankind.

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Hobo song

[Verse] Hobo trader, what a fuck, I'm on the grind
Base, base, base, I'm makin' moves all the time
Livin' on the streets, surviving day by day
Stackin' cash, livin' fast, no time for play

[Verse 2] Hobo trader, what a fuck, I'm in the zone
Chasin' dreams, makin' schemes, I'm never alone
Trading secrets, wheelin' deals, tippin' the scale
Gotta hustle, gotta swagger, never gonna fail

[Chorus] Hobo trader, what a fuck, I'm takin' control
Risin' up, breakin' free, lettin' my story unfoldB
ase, base, base, I'm chasin' my dreams
Hobo trader, what a fuck, I'm livin' extreme


$TRASH token distribution breakdown:

  • 👉 60% Prelaunch. 60% of all tokens are available during the prelaunch, for early adopters a chance to get in on the ground floor (or the basement).

  • 👉 25% Liquidity Pool Tokens. Will be locked into liquidity, ensuring a stable market. Because even in chaos, we appreciate a little stability.

  • 👉 15% Marketing. This allocation fuels our efforts to spread the word far and wide, ensuring $TRASH is known across the digital landscape. Because $Trash deserve to be seen in global scale.