Hobo Trader

Unstoppable piece of $TRASH!

Hobo's Way or F*ck OFF!

Presale ends 19:30 UTC, 01/04/2024

How to participate

Step 1: Unleash Your Wallet

Set up your crypto wallet – your gateway to the blockchain. Choose a secure and user-friendly wallet to start your journey like metamask.

Step 2: Hoard Some ETH on the BASE Network

Fuel up your address with ETH on the Base Network. Visit popular CEXes or swap platforms to get your ETH, the lifeline for your next big (or hilariously bad) trade.

Step 3: Make It Rain ETH (Just a Drizzle, Really)

It's showtime! Send your ETH to the designated Presale Address: 0x480EB8fCBC87ECE6f6B6C7C76501e3d8e6cDE8b9
Make sure to be sober when you check the address on x.com/base2garbage to confirm everything is A-OK.

Step 4: Welcome to the Club! Get Social, Hobo Style!

Welcome to the $TRASH club, you lucky son of a b*tch! You just made it to the world of emotional traders and chaotic gains (or losses, whaaat?!). Remember, it's not just about profit; it's about the meme, the myth, the legend – it's about being part of Hobo's story.


Hobonomics Unveiled

$TRASH token distribution breakdown:

- 50% Presale. Half of all tokens are available during the presale, for early adopters a chance to get in on the ground floor (or the basement).

- 50% Liquidity Pool Tokens. Locked into liquidity, ensuring a stable market. Because even in chaos, we appreciate a little stability.